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Diablo Valley Real Estate Market Update – Video

Questions about where the real estate market is as of December 15, 2020? Here are a few answers in the video below. (Hint: read the sign.) Having a knowledgeable and experienced real estate broker on your side helps protect your interests and ensure you make the best possible decisions. We are dedicated to keeping on top of […]

What is contributing to the shortage in single-family home inventory?

Have you noticed that homes are in short supply even though we are in the midst of a pandemic?  JVM Lending published a great blog on the single-family home shortage last week. In the article he named the following as top reasons for low inventory: Sellers are reluctant to list during the pandemic, Demand is […]

Historic Low Rates… Bad for Homebuyers?

I enjoy reading smart people and Jay Voorhees at JVM Lending is a smart guy. He writes this: … Here is my point: efficient markets theory applies to housing too, which means that subsidies in any form will usually drive up the price of housing. And very low rates fostered by the gov’t policy are […]